Berserker, (pt2)

I admit I do not write personal fight scenes well. I can see them in my head but run, jump, jap, parry, gouge… I don’t know what to type in or leave out. Tactical or strategic battles? Read my Crusade Trilogy; I do those well, even if they take days to weeks or research to get correct. Six years ago, when Daughter #2 was still at home, I’d borrow her for her Shorin-Ryu karate training to understand some of the motions of hand-to-hand contact (“If you knock Dad out, no dinner!”).

So, we get what’s below. I do not think I botch it too bad. There are two points much more important than the action: one, Aurie knows she’s no superhero; she’s a little girl. Two, I want her and the readers to become aware of her rising bloodlust. That, to my mind, is something insanely dangerous for a demi-human to have.

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A gravel path lead to the bathrooms.  She skirted that as her boots would make noise.  On the concrete pad, she rolled her feet to minimize the sound as she leaned against the wall, listening.  Sounds of a struggle, then two voices.

“Keep your hand over her mouth and get her dress up, Dom,” a young man’s voice said.

“Sheet, Tad, whys you goin’ fust?” the other asked.

“’Cause it was my idea.  Right, let’s get these panties down!” Tad replied.

They are going to rape my friend.  My Sister.  I do not have time to yell at the others; they will run and deny everything.  I must do this.

Aurelia willed adrenaline into her bloodstream.  The motions of the trees seemed to slow and there were sparkles at the edge of her vision.  Seeing two smooth river stones that would just fit into her hands, she bent to pick them up as she turned around the corner.

The Black, Dom, had his right hand over Tracy’s mouth and had pulled her skirt up with his left.  The White, Tad, was kneeling and had just pulled the girl’s panties halfway down.  Her blood on fire, knowing she was probably damaging herself, Aurie ran at them.  They moved so slowly…

The rock in her right hand was thrown, hitting the kneeler in the temple and knocking him over.  He made to hold his head so was still a combatant.

“Tad?  Dude…?” The Black let go of the dress and reached for his partner in crime with his left.  Aurelia dropped the other rock and grabbed his hand with her right; her left bent his index finger back with a sharp crack.  At that, he let go of Tracy.

“Run!” Aurie ordered her friend.  Tracy moved just enough for her to kick up into Dom’s crotch as hard as she could.  He doubled over.

Behind me!  Aurelia dropped and rolled left as Tad was trying to grab her.  His arms closed on air.  She made a roundhouse kick to his ass, seeing him stumble over the other.

I cannot defeat two men.  I cannot defeat one.  Tracy is gone, hopefully getting Jill, who has a pistol.  The White was standing.

“Ah don’ know who the fuck you think you is, little boy, but that dress-up uniform ain’t gonna help you none!” he announced, closing on her.

His left eye is slightly dilated, from the rock.  When he made to grab her, more carefully this time, she faded to that side.

“Stand fuckin’ still, you little shit!” he yelled.  Behind him, the Black seemed to have caught his breath and was standing.

It would be prudent to retreat, she thought, just before running at Tad, ducking her shoulder into his gut.  Not enough to knock him down again, but he tripped over the other.  She followed him down.  When he paused for a second after his head hit the concrete, Aurelia leaned in and bit his nose off.

Daddy told me how amazing jaw muscles are.  I’m glad he’s always right!  Tad was now screaming as she perceived Dom just behind her.  Aurie arched her back with her arms up as he came down to grab her.  Her left hand missed but her right thumb went into his eye socket.  She tore it out with force and then again rolled away.

I love this! she thought.  The taste of blood in her mouth and the stench of fear in the air…  There was a report of a pistol.

“What in the hell is going on here!” Jill demanded, coming around the corner.  Her brother is a legionary and she has learned much from him.  Holding their faces, both of the assailants were screaming.

No!  Don’t let it end!  I… I want to kill!

“Aurie!  Get the hell out of there and behind me!” Jill yelled.  Some of the older girls were peeking around the corner of the bathrooms.

No!  Aurelia’s eyes flared gold and she spat and hissed at their leader like a cat.

That’s enough.  Mom’s voice?  Stop.

The sudden come-down from her bloodlust was nigh-well instant.  Aurie staggered past the two men.  She almost made it to Jill before passing out.

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