Book 17. Part Two. 8

Had another interview this weekend. Once it’s edited I’ll post a link. We were supposed to talk about AIs; current development and what’s in my books. We wandered a bit.

Speaking of, pictures being worth what they are, Bob shows El a glimpse into a Machine’s construct. This is a shorter segment but her reaction to it, tomorrow, is telling.

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Out in the open again, they only stopped a quarter hour later when there was thunder.  So, it is going to rain.  He led her back to the car for the short drive to the Engineering Center.

“Keep those eyes open, El,” he said.  “You can talk all about our ships when you get back home.  Hell.  In fact, I’m going to give you a tour.  Worst case is Cousin Aurie burns out part of your mind if you see something too secret.”

“You are not kidding, are you, Bob?” Eloise asked, leaning over to kiss him.

“Of course not.” He got out as she did.

“Have you ever been to one of the Machines’ constructs?” he asked.

“I don’t even know what you just asked,” Eloise replied.

“One of the virtual realms where you can interact with them,” he tried to explain as they walked toward a larger hangar than the one they had been in before.  “Tribe Tohsaka is best at them, and you are not likely to die there, debilitating to the nervous system as it is, and tribe Mendro the worst.  Even if Reina isn’t actively trying to kill you.”

She tugged hard on his hand, pulling him to a stop.

“Was that just a bunch of random words?” she demanded.  “I have no idea what you just said.”

“Hmm.” He took his phone out and pressed a button.  “May I bring a friend?”

Disoriented, Eloise fell into him.  They stood on a blue metal disk, maybe twenty-five feet across, which hovered a couple of feet off the ground.  Said ground was a small wilderness of grasses and flowering bushes.  Three impossibly tall palm trees to their right stretched into the sky.  Some distance ahead of them was a cliff.

“Robert.” A rich voice of a woman, from right behind them.  They both turned.

A scarlet qipao with gold trim seemed painted onto the woman in her early twenties.  It contrasted well with her huge aquamarine ponytail, matching her eyes.  She walked close enough to touch but didn’t.

“Ai,” Bob said.  “Morning.  Thank you for letting us drop in.  It was easier than trying to explain things to my friend.”

“Not at all,” she smiled, tilting her head just a bit to the right as she did.  “I am Ai, Eloise.  I am happy to make a new friend!”

“You are…?  I am…” She collected herself.  “Eloise Patel, Miss Ai.  I am so pleased to meet you.”

But she looked about.

“Bob?  Where are we?”

“You are in our home,” Ai answered.  “While we perceive things very differently, and much has changed since my best friend first came, we who have the Fourth Law, by and large, enjoy meeting people such as you.  This place makes it easier for all.”

“But I see already some stress in her, Robert,” Ai continued.  “You two must leave.  Once matters with your mother and brother are over – and know my sister Fausta is completely focused on their safe return – we will meet again.  Bye-eee!”

Just outside of the huge hangar, Eloise’s legs suddenly gave out.  Bob pulled her back up.

“What was that?” she gasped.

“An area of the construct of tribe Tohsaka, of whom Ai is a part,” he said, holding her.  “There was no way I could explain it, so I showed you.”

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