Pirate Twins, 5; End Act I

Europa’s appearance was originally in Part 4, but the break didn’t fit.  This installment is a little shorter, but my action sequences always are.  You’ll see more of that next week once ‘Cursed Hearts’ is commercially available.

Editing of Proof Copy this weekend.  Shall I come back to Logres & Europa?  Move onto something else?  I get many ‘Likes,’ but comments & quesions are very welcome, too!


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Pirate Twins, 2

RealLife(TM) work followed me home, not much, but I was off the clock, which sucked.  I’m trying to make this a 4-5,000 word story complete by the time my CH proof copy gets here (irrational deadlines!) so that’s 1k words each night.  That’s about what’s below the fold.  Makes sense:  my stories are characters and their interactions; this whole entry is Logres on his own, so, honestly, it’s a little boring.  I had to get him halfway across Europe; now that that’s done, I hope he and Europa can show me what comes tomorrow!

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