Turning it up…

…to 11.  I ran across the NSFW drawing below the fold.  For some reason, I knew there was a story there, but I couldn’t see any of.  A couple of nights ago, I texted a friend about it.  He suggest ‘android vampire.’


I already have those, in story form, if our webcomic of “Poisoned Hearts” ever comes out.  So . . . what else?  Hmmm.  Of course!  Make it even more horrible!

This was an interesting exercise for me:  I really don’t do horror (well, I guess I do now) so even these 1400 words took a couple of days to get right.  In fact, I sat on it for an extra 12 hours, unsure about a few things.  Just a few minutes ago, I added two, short, lines.  Better.

I’ve the start of the next Ep of “Defiant,” and hope to have that out late tomorrow.  Cheerio!

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