… is how long I’ve been thinking about the transition from Maya back to C&C.  She’s effectively a week to ten days behind their story, so I need to find a way to bridge that.  With my pockets stuffed with scratch paper as I went about my day-job today, I focused on that bridge.

I’d nothing.

Until around 1645.  I was looking at the 2/3 page of notes, and realized there was the bare bones of an Act of the story, there.  There’ll be some of my characteristic flash-back-forwards, and that, coupled with a ripoff of a scene of “Negima!” involving vampires on campus, should have things ready to go.

And by that, I mean, go to suck:  while I may be learning to write horror, my fight scenes are very brief: that may come from having seen real fights rather than what Hollywood sells to us.  I desire that the confrontation between Chris and Maya look something like that between Araragi and Kiss-Shot, but that’s not me.  I’m thinking more:  assault/ hide/talk/… repeat until someone is dead.

Ah, well:  I’ve made more than enough food over the last three days, creating left-overs for the next four.  I’ve once again told my wimmin-folk:  tomorrow, I’m writing; even if the house is burning down, don’t bother me.

Below the fold, Chris sleeps with Cat.  Head fake.

Chris opened his eyes. Just under his right arm Cat snored softly onto his chest. It was 0512, and a faint light was at the window. Time to go.

He carefully disentangled himself from his cousin and smoothed out the comforter. Success! he thought, just touching the door handle.


He didn’t move.


“Thanks for staying with me.”

He nodded without turning.

“Of course.” He opened the door.

“Let’s do it again.” He heard the laughter in her voice.

“Only if you promise not to snore so loud!”

He closed the door behind him just as the pillow smacked into it.


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