Had to ask my wife about this one:  what would a woman do if the object of her desire, whom you thought was unobtainable, was suddenly right in front of you, and open to your affection.  For her, for example, if she ran into Kamenashi Kazuya and he invited her for drinks and more….

Her eyes got all dreamy and she began to drool.  Once that was under control, she related to me how Cat acts, below the fold.  Interesting!

“Just over a week ago…” he heard her mutter.


“That we were up here.” She waved her right hand randomly over her shoulder. “That I damn near died… that I found out…”

A huge sigh from her. He’d never heard such regret, such longing.

“… found out you’re gay.”


“I’m not gay, Cat.”

The soft girl against him was suddenly steel and concrete. No, it could move. She sat up, turning to look right at him.

“You…YOU told me… here… you are GAY!”

More stares from the rooftop.

Chris recalled the conversation.

“To be precise, Cat, what I said was: ‘Cat. I am not like other men. In fact, you might say I’m rather strange! I’m—’ and that’s when you ordered me to silence.”

Please rescind your order, Chris hoped!

She had the oddest look on her face, utter incomprehension, as if she didn’t know who nor where she was. He made a motion to hold her shoulders…

“Ach!” Cat snipped at him. She brought her hands up and rubbed them, hard, against her face for a few seconds before pulling them up and back over her head.

My COUSIN, my STEP cousin, my HOT step cousin is not gay… the dull, empty ache she’d had in her chest and crotch for a week was now something completely different.

Worried for his cousin’s health, Chris watched her closely. The blank eyes came back to themselves, taking took on a cast he’d not seen before. He considered what to call Cat’s look and settled on ‘desire.’

From over her head, her hands swept down as she stood up.

“We’re going home. Now!”

She pulled him to his feet.

“We are?”

With a jerk belying her stature and his training, he’d no choice but to follow her through the door and down the stairs.

“Our trash…”

“We’ll get it later!” She snapped at him, waiting on the elevator, gripping his hand fiercely. “Wonder if we could on the elevator…?”

Chris wondered what had come over his cousin. She was unusually animated. Two others ran up from behind them to take the elevator down as well.

“Dammit!” He heard her mutter. By the time the doors opened to the ground floor, she was panting slightly.

“C’mon!” Another tug, but this time, he resisted.

“What?!” She cried.

“Cat, it seems something’s gotten into you – ”

“Something better…”

“ – but I do have my teaching assistant duties in less than half an hour…”

“Arrrgggghh!” He watched, fascinated, as Cat let go of him and ran her hands from chest down to her thighs, partly doubling over while she did. She stood back up and poked his chest sharply with her right index finger, her face just below his.

“When that’s over, you run, RUN, got that cousin! back home as fast as you can!”

She turned away, still panting.

“God knows, I’ll be waiting for you!”

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