Any successful, sudden, military advance and breakthrough must be followed at some point by a pause:  you can only outrun your lines of supply for so long.  So, too with stories.  I took an half-hour around noon to think about what I’ve written in Nichole’s second book while sitting on my back deck and taking the view in.

Something was off.  In the timing.  I could not put my finger on it, so, ignoring the nice day, I went back inside and put a pen and notepad next to my netbook and used ‘Find:  “month”‘ to search through what I’ve written.  Sure enough, there was a two month discrepancy.  I’ve re-written that section and even went back to my ‘Friend & Ally’ manuscript and made two minor changes there, as well.

I also went on to write a page and a half of notes about Part 2/3 of the new book (the newer book, I guess I should say).  It’s hanging together better:  the ‘barbarians’ new leader, called Ruin, is much more politically savvy than the guy from ‘F&A.’  So much so that he will win, to his later surprise.

Nichole is smarter, faster, stronger than any human.  But she’s also isolated, even with her human allies.  The men about the Mayor and the tribesmen closest to Ruin function the same way as a General Staff does, and it is very, very difficult for an individual to beat a good staff.

The coming week, even with sick dog’s appt Tuesday afternoon, is a working vacation:  my boss is off.  I expect much productive time!

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