Colour’s Dirty Friend

This is certainly R-rated for any of your sensitive types out there. If that’s a problem, skip this and the next for cat pics on Facebook. If not, I think that if Jimmy were thinking with his upper head a little better (and I turn that into a joke tomorrow), he’d notice that, once again, Aurie is effectively reading his mind. Of course, troll a hottie like her across the field of view of a 27-year-old, it’s going to be pretty obvious what’s on their mind.

Looking a few installments ahead, I brought productive work at DayJob pharmacy to a halt today when asking both pharmacists, “what the best drug to turn a demi-human into a temporary super-soldier without killing them?” They settled on either PCP or high-dose epinephrine. I’ve given them 48 hours to pick one or the other.

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There was a short, quiet exchange between the two women as they paid for their dinner.  Hardt had held up some silver coin – they use silver in Texas? – but Jansen produced some of the NF script, apologizing to Val about not having got it changed.  The owner waved it off and handed her back the change in Canadian.  Out the door, he turned them left, east on Union Street.

“I’ve a little place about three hundred meters on,” he said to Aurie on his right.  Colour was on hers.  “It’s not much; this town has shrunk so over the last few years.  And I’m usually out working.  Either fishing or at the base.  Oh.”

He was very pleased to feel the young woman take his hand.  But with a glance saw she had also taken her cousin’s hand, too.  Maybe not so special.

“You are,” Aurie said into the dark.  “You said your family has been here for a long time?”

“Yeah,” he agreed.  Passing under one of the few working streetlights, Jimmy confirmed that her hair had some strange purple tint to it.  “My ancestors were from Ulster.  During the Great Famine, they left Ireland.  Irish and Scots-Irish like us were being moved from the ships right into the army in the US, so they came here, instead.”

“Sensible,” the girl said, deliberately bumping her shoulder into him.  “The Yankee imperial government always ruthlessly used up people.”

Wondering what to say next, he looked over again.  An idea.

“Pretty nasty-looking rifles you two have,” he observed.  “Military?”

“The rifles?  Yes,” Aurie answered.  “This may be Canada but we’re still two hot women walking around the wilds.  Have to be careful we don’t get accosted.”

She let go his hand to pat twice just over his belt buckle.

“Unless we want to be.” She retook his hand and laughed.

“Are all Texas girls so forward?” he laughed back, stopping them before a small house to their left, on the waterside.

“No.  I’m different.” Her cousin, Colour, snorted.

He led them in.  “Don’t mean to be rude but besides the one electric light, I’ve candles and oil lamps.  Let me get a few lit.”

While doing that, he heard them talking softly again.  A couple of glances showed Aurie’s eyes everywhere and Colour’s droopy.  After all, she did have that full bottle of wine.

“Come on it, please,” he announced.  “Colour?  You look a little unsteady.  Care to lie down on the couch?”

“Wow.  Ditching my cousin so fast?” Aurie chuckled.  “You must be ready to get to it!”

Rifle and bag down, Jansen more fell than lay down.

“Oh, sorry,” Hardt retracted.  “I don’t drink so don’t fully understand how hu- people react.  Roll her onto her side and I’ll get her boots off.”

That accomplished, the girl walked around the main room while he put two blankets over the sleeper.

“Lots of models,” Aurie observed.  “Rockets, spaceships.  Some real, some fanciful.  Is that your thing?  Why you work here?”

“By thing,” he said, taking the initiative for once and taking her hand, “if you mean interest or hobby, sure.  Always been fascinated by space travel.  Looks like helping put satellites into orbit is as close as I’m going to come.”

“You can come a lot closer in, pardon, with me,” she laughed while looking at some space-themed posters over a small bookshelf.

“And mostly sci-fi,” she noted, bending down to look at the titles.  “You should be at least touching my butt right now, Jimmy.”

“Apologies, Miss Hardt!” He released her hand and put it somewhere much more interesting, moving it about.

“Better!” Quicker than he understood she had her pants around her ankles.  “No one told you to stop.  Question, though:  what if half of these weren’t sci-fi anymore?”

“Weren’t what?” With both hands now involved, less of his brain was.

“What if,” she suddenly dropped out of his grasp, sitting down and pulling her boots off, “some of this was real?  Spaceships to the moon.  Mars.  The Belt.”

Still sitting on his floor, her jacket and shirt came off.  Now only in a camisole and panties, she stood.

“What if you could achieve your dream?” Aurie asked, poking her index finger into his chest.  “What would you do to make that happen?”

For just a moment he let his eyes wander from the most beautiful woman to the bits and pieces of a dream which would never come true.  Eyes back, he took her surprisingly stout shoulders.

“Anything.  I’d do anything at all.”

“Good.  You’ll start with me.  Come to bed, now,” she ordered.

While she excused herself to the toilet, Jimmy quickly stripped.  About to blow the oil lamp out…

“Don’t do that,” she said from behind him.  Turning…

She was naked.

“Don’t you want to look at me?”

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he managed in a rough voice, he said, taking her into his arms before guiding her the few steps to his bed.  Laying her down, he opened a nightstand drawer…

“I hate those and anyway am not fertile right now.  No.” He tensed a little.  “And no, I’m not trying to entrap you.  Lie down.”

As he did, she quickly straddled him.  In the lamp’s glow, he took a moment to enjoy the feast for his eyes.  A smallish B-cup; not a hint of fat; more muscles than I’ve ever seen on a girl, but it doesn’t make her masculine at all.

“Glad I left the lamp on,” he smiled at her.

“Oh?” she leered just a little.  The lamp made her eyes sparkle gold.  “Have a closer look!”

Aurie climbed up to place herself over his face.

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