Colour Wheel

This part two of two of this R-rated scene, so avert your eyes if you must. Going into another weekend, these three will be driving the few miles south to the Nova Scotia spaceport, where some really bad things happen. Bad enough that I’ll be doing some research (following on yesterday’s post about PCP v epinephrine) and seeing in my mind’s eye what a jacked up demi like Princess Aurelia can do without breaking all her bones or blowing up her heart. This is not some Marvel comic; my universe has rules.

Someday, when Mister Burns finds out what Aurie is, I wonder if he’ll be pissed about her ability to read him so easily?

For those regular readers who are interested, I’m being hosted over at Founding Questions to do a series about Creative Writing and Self-publishing over the next few weeks. I am grateful for the opportunity.

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Appetizer over, and, once she settled herself back onto his hips, first course, Burns watched as she arched her back, hands over her head, with a sigh of perfect contentment.

“You weren’t kidding,” he said, reaching up for her breasts, “about yelling.  Glad I have no immediate neighbors.”

“If you had, they would just be jealous right now,” she purred, rocking her hips a little.  “May I trouble you for a cup of water?”

“You’ll have to get off me, first,” he noted.

“Mmm,” she moved more and felt his reaction.  “Water can wait…”

Following second course she slid off of him to his left.  He, slowly, sat up.

“I’ll get some cups,” he began.

“Jimmy,” her hand onto his back, “given the amount of fluids between us in the last hour, I think one cup for the both of us is fine.”

“True, that.”

Bringing back a goodly-sized plastic cup, he watched her down it all at once.  Coming back with more…

“I hope Cousin Colour was still asleep, what with you padding about naked,” she smiled.

“Very,” he said, sitting down.  “I did check on her:  didn’t get sick and her breathing is regular.  I guess the wine meant she didn’t need the earplugs.”

He drank half and offered her more.  She shook her head.

“Right before we, did all this,” he began, setting the cup on the nightstand, “you were saying something about space.  About space travel being real.  I admit I was not fully using my head just then – ”

“I think you’ve been using that big head just fine, Jimmy.  Lay next to me.  Like that.  Closer.”

“You seem used to telling people what to do,” he finally said.  “You some big boss at a company in Texas?”

“Something like that.” Sharing a pillow she put a hand on both of his heads.  “You were asking…?”

“S… space travel,” he stuttered, becoming distracted again.  Will she never stop?  “Does Texas have a space program that survived the Breakup?”

“Complicated answer and potentially secret information,” Aurie said with a small toss of her head.  “The programs which matter are those of Russia, Japan, and the imperium.”

“The imperium!” He rolled away from her onto his back.  “Nuking that city, St. Louis.  Depopulating the Atlantic seaboard.  Threatening my country across the Ohio River…”

“I thought Nova Scotia, not Canada, was your country,” Hardt countered, propping herself up on her right elbow.

“You know what I mean.” I was pissed right then and I think she didn’t like it.  Calm down, Jimmy!  Don’t ruin this!  “It’s more than I understand, I guess.  My uncle might.”

“Your uncle?” Mood returning, she began touching him again.

“He’s some politician in Halifax.  Assistant to the Premier.” He took a deep breath, responding to her again.  “Can we talk about this later?”

“Sure!” She giggled.  He’d not heard her giggle before.  And she rolled back.  “Your turn up!”

At a loss as to how much time passed, Jimmy was aware of two facts.  One, I’m young and fit but think she is going to kill me tonight.  Two, with me on top, there was no way it was the lamplight.  When she screamed, her eyes were gold.  Freaking gold.

I wonder if she’ll kill me tonight?  Good way to go, I suppose.

“It would be, wouldn’t it?” she said with her face pressed to his chest.  He thought she had finally fallen asleep.

“What?  What would be?”

“You, dying in my arms.” She licked his skin and he shuddered.  “But I have bigger plans for you.”

“Which are?” He put his arms about her.  I wonder what’s the time?

“Oh-two-ten,” she said.  “Think you can talk us past your guard?”

“Huh?” I’ve not slept at all.  “Sure I can… wait.  I didn’t ask you about the time.”

Another giggle.  And, God help me, she moved her hand again.

“Trouble down there?  And I thought you were a young and fit man!”

That sounded somehow familiar but Jimmy was once again trying to reason with the wrong head.

“Here!” In a smooth motion, she flipped over with her face and chest pressed to the bed.  Her rest was up and waiting for him.  “I’ll try not to kill you.  Yet.”

“You little…!” he growled, kneeling up.

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