Tamera (pt6)

This is about halfway through. I think I just got to an ending which shall be along in a few days. That makes these 4300 words about 15 pages in a 6″ x 9″ book. I’ll have to start pulling these shorts together to see how much material I have right now. I need at least one more story – most likely young Aurie in her Sisterhood, the first time she went into Berserker Mode, and probably nearly killed a human – or perhaps two.

I’m beginning to think that Four Roses bourbon presupposes me to cliffhanger endings.

Enjoy my content? Buy me a beer! 

With Lem’s stretcher secured in the hold of the S-3 scout craft, INS Claire, and the boy under mild sedation for their two-hour trip, Tamera braced in her chair against the 5G initial acceleration as they tore up and out of the atmosphere over Knoxville, on their way to China.

Or what’s left of one part of it, she thought, powering up her tablet once they dropped to 2G.  Got to admit, when that family wants something done, it happens fast.

Following Dorina’s confirmation that this was a variant of Batten’s Disease, and that Lem would be dead in six weeks, Keynes had watched the empress immediately turn about to the wall of the tiny room next to the reactor.  Not for a moment thinking she could not face that fact, the nurse saw her turn back.

“Ildi is on her way to Nanjing, the capital of Chu, right now.  She has to use her own S-1 as a Japanese craft would be a provocation,” the empress announced.  “Once there, she will negotiate access to the fusion reactor.  If said negotiations fail, I shall take direct action.”

“Direct…?” Skylar asked, not at all used to her new family even after three years.  Faustina didn’t bother with an answer.

She will use anything she has to disable their military and open the way for us, Tamera thought.  They, the Chinese, still have orbital battlestations; this could be a world war over this boy.

Dorina chirped she had passed on what she learned to Keynes’ computer accounts, and for the human to call with any questions, before fading away.  Her wide smile went last.  The men who had wheeled the boy in now did the opposite, with everyone pausing in the atrium of the office building.  She watched Gary take two steps toward the door.

Which was flung open by his son, Roland.  Nearly a copy of his father, but his dark hair showed purple in the sunlight and his eyes were silver, he stopped and placed his hands into his father’s.  Those silvers blazed light for two seconds before he dropped his hands and took his sick son into his arms.  They talk to one another very fast like that.  It is likely he now knows more than I do about this situation.  Good.  Let these Hartmanns take over so I can go home and rest.

“Nope,” Faustina said.  Demis could read humans so well it seemed like telepathy.  “I appoint you plenipotentiary authority to speak for me when out of signal.  If Ildi succeeds, you will lead the medical team.”

Both Hartmann men shouted, “What!”

“You, Brother, are just that:  brother to the empress and a duke.  Roland is a prince.  And we, we very few, are those who must remain alive to lead this planet and beyond,” Faustina said in a hard tone.  “My daughter, a Crown Princess, will act as surety in their lands for this operation.  I will not allow another of mine to be placed at risk at the same time in the same place.”

Black, silver, and turquoise eyes flared at one another.  Skylar was starting to cry at all the internal imperial politics.  Hoo, boy, I bet this argument is hellish right now.  But… do I have to go?

“I understand and shall obey, Empress,” her brother said in a very stilted manner.  “The record will show under my highest protest.  I or my son should be there.”

“Sure, they should,” she can be such a bitch when she wins, “but they won’t.  Nurse Keynes and Dorina and I’m sure some others will be there to help.  Lem will be fine.”

She took a few steps to the boy’s stretcher and ruffled his hair.  He was upset to see his mom upset.

“You go home with your mommy and daddy and have a good dinner!” she smiled.  “You are probably going on a big trip tomorrow, to make you better!”

“Yes, Empess,” Lem sniffled.  “Fank you!”

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