Tamera (pt7)

I realize this is kind of bare-bones, even for me, but a short story collection, to my mind, presupposes a certain knowledge on the reader’s part of the world they are entering. Saying that, I’ll still probably add a paragraph about exactly why they need a flux point prior to publication. This blog is, after all, supposed to be a proving ground for raw ideas.

Should be two more entries after this one. I have a suspicion there is much seething in my readership.

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And the next morning there’s a flying saucer just off the ground outside of Roland’s family’s place on River Bluffs, with me and plastic totes of meds to bring along, all at 0600.  Those loaded, there was a makeshift ramp to get the boy aboard without too much difficulty.  And now, she looked about the cargo hold, I’ll be in China in less than an hour.  Why didn’t pushy Fussy let her brother or nephew take point on this?  They know ten times more than I do and think even faster if things go south!

Tamera sighed and continued to re-review what Dorina had sent her.  We are going to rewrite part of this kid’s genome, more specifically, his neurosystem.

“The same thing which makes demi-humans what they are,” she muttered.  “Was he supposed to be one and it didn’t take?  And now his immune system is attacking those changes?”

Keynes kept at the notes.

We find one of those “flux points” the Machines are always on about, and that could take hours, then secure Lem there.  This says they need a sustained reaction for just over six seconds.  Before China fell apart, EAST had managed nearly half a minute in trials.

“But they’ve only fired it up twice since then.  For ten seconds.”

Claire shuddered as they reentered the atmosphere.  Tamera was pressed into her chair again but this time with deceleration.  The boy’s eyes opened a crack and he made some fitful noises.

“Touchdown in ten minutes,” a youthful man’s voice said from the speaker overhead.  Odd term for a ship that never settles on the ground.  The deceleration ended along with any sense of motion.  Sky Hartmann appeared in the doorway.

“How is he?” she asked, voice shaking.

“Just fine.” Two legionaries were behind her.  “Can y’all help with the ramp, please?”

With the hatch open and it deployed, two other men carefully wheeled Lem to the ground.  A girl was waiting for them.  She raised her hand, but to wave, not salute.

“Hello, family and friends!” Ildi cried.  “Welcome to Hefei City in Chu.  Let’s all have fun!”

“Fun?” Sky muttered.  “My boy is dying and this…”

“Fear not,” the girl contradicted her, coming over to kiss her cheek.  “Dorina is already working with the techs and engineers, getting things ready.  With God’s favor, you can go home this evening.”

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